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Graf Von Faber-Castell Pen Of The Year 2017 Platinum Rollerball

Graf Von Faber-Castell Pen Of The Year 2017 Platinum Rollerball


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Every age has its defining symbols, from the cave drawings of the Stone Age, to the pyramids of ancient Egypt. For the Viking era it is the dragon boats. Some claim that without these ships the Viking age could not have existed. In fact, they are masterpieces of shipbuilding that would shape European shipbuilding for centuries. Robust enough to defy the high seas, at the same time flat enough to travel far upstream and deep into the interior of the continents, the extremely mobile longboats are ideal vehicles for conquerors, explorers and merchants. With their colorful striped sails, their magnificent carved dragon heads, their swans and other waterfowl lines, they were the pride of their crews and move as though flying over the world's oceans.

By their conquests and trades, the Vikings accumulated enormous wealth. Thus, to this day, extensive silver caches are being recovered. Very popular among the Viking women were pearls of rock crystal and carnelian, mostly from the Black Sea region. The artisan achieved a period of prosperity: magnificent carvings and sophisticated, extremely filigree gold and silver forging work. At first glance the patterns often appear purely ornamental; Upon a second look though, they show animal representations of astonishing expressive power. Not infrequently, jewelry and art objects are inspired by the magical power of the Runes.

Admired as a daring ruler of wind and waves, feared as a conqueror of conquest, and highly esteemed as merchants, the Vikings formed a continental trade network. The revolutionary construction of the Viking longboat, the magical power of the Runes and the majesty as one of the most characteristic trees of the Nordic world, inspired the design of the Pen of the Year 2017. Both editions are equipped with a 18 karat gold nib, which is inscribed by hand. An end cap protects the rotary knob of the piston mechanism of the fountain pen. In the platinum edition of the "Vikings" Pen of the Year, five wafer-thin plates made of burl are inserted into a platinum-plated frame. The warm, nuance-rich color of the wood harmonizes wonderfully with the carnelian, which is illuminated in intense reds, which is set into the cap. There is an extremely charming interplay of Celtic Knots with the cool shining platinum plating of the shaft, on the end of which the name Graf von Faber-Castell is engraved in filigree runes.