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  1. Delta Discovery Capless Rollerball

    Delta Discovery Capless Rollerball

    Regular Price: $395.00

    Special Price $235.00

    The Delta Discovery Pen is an exclusive Bittner only Limited Edition. It pays tribute to the discovery of nature and science. Created of a two tone blue pearlized resin that recalls the world's oceans, this pen features a sterling silver band, and a blue cabochon sapphire adorns the top. Limited to sixty pieces, this collection is almost sold out, only a few pens remain available. Learn More
  2. Delta Indigenious Peoples Maya Limited Edition Gold Trim Ballpoint *Bittner Exclusive*

    Delta Indigenious Peoples Maya Limited Edition Gold Trim Ballpoint *Bittner Exclusive*

    Regular Price: $695.00

    Special Price $486.50

    Delta Indigenous People Collection. The Indigenous People Collection is one of the most exciting and collected limited edition pen series in the world. The first pen, the Masai was introduced in 2003 with much excitement and since then Delta has continued releasing much anticipated annual limited editions in the series. Whether it is to commemorate a special place, event or vacation, or if you collect the entire series. The amazing creativity and execution of the Indigenous people series will capture your imagination. Indigenous people, aboriginal people, or native people, are groups protected in international or national legislation as having a set of specific rights based on their linguistic and historical ties to a particular territory, their cultural and historical distinctiveness from other populations. Delta captures the essence of each people in the amazing collection. Learn More
  3. Monte Verde Bittner Exclusive Jewelria Ballpoint Pen

    Monte Verde Bittner Exclusive Jewelria Ballpoint Pen



    Regular Price: $50.00

    Special Price $33.89

    These beautifully crafted writing instruments feel amazing in the hand. Their sparkling checkered barrels change with the light and are a true eye catcher. This writing instrument is only available here at Bittner, and are specially marked with the Bittner "B" on the top of every pen. Get yours today and enjoy the elegance and pleasure of fine writing for which Bittner is known. Learn More
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