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Welcome to the new and improved Bittner.com web store. This year we are proud to announce 25 years of business.

That means 25 years of serving and helping customers like you. 25 years of stocking our store with the finest pens from all over the world. After all this time our passion and vision for the future of fine writing has only intensified.

But after 25 years we knew we had to adapt and make changes. We know that not all of you can make it out to our store in Carmel California. This, however, doesn't mean you have to miss out on our extensive collection of fine pens. With the new Bittner.com we have brought the store to you with an online shopping experience that makes it easy to find your perfect pen.

All of your favorites are here and we are constantly updating the store with fresh product.

Fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoints, and pencils.

Our selection of pens is unsurpassed and we have lots of varieties ranging from your standard ballpoints to extremely rare collectibles. New arrivals come in consistently which means our stock is constantly refreshed with new collections. Subscribe here to stay up to date on all of our newest pens. We also send out discounts and other interesting content through our mailing list so be sure to sign up!

Ink and Stationery

What good is a fine pen without something to write on? We have everything you could possibly want: Note cards, engraved and handmade paper, watermarked paper, hand-bound journals and even more exotic stationary like stone journals. Our selection of ink is equally impressive with everything you need to refill your pen. Bittner guarantees you will find exactly what you are looking for.


Also available through our store is a nice collection of accessories that you will find useful. Pen cases, books, and journals are just some of the extras you may be interested in.