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Luxury Pens From Outer Space - $90,000 Moon Rocks


Luxury Pens From Outer Space - $90,000 Moon Rocks

Luxury Pens From Outer Space

Now this pen is out of the world and so is its price tag of $90,000 moon rocks. Luxury pens maker Mascarenhas designed his Space Pen as a one of a kind luxury pen containing meteorite pieces brushed with moon dust.

He said, “It’s a part of a series of luxury pens he’s creating that revolve around Mother Nature but hasn’t yet released what the series will be. I wanted to work with Mother Nature’s material.” This Space Pen is also set with beautiful interstellar gemstones and 18 carat gold metal and diamonds components. There are actual meteorite materials taken from the prehistoric Gibeon Meteorite that landed on earth in Nambiar.

For a full line of luxury pens please visit Bittner fine pens and experience the pleasure of writing either online, or their beautiful walk-in store in Carmel-By-The-Sea. You may not see a Space Pen at their site, but their low prices are out of this world.


Fountain Pen - On Sale...

$1,165.00   $1,295.00




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Content Writer - Bittner Luxury Pens

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