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Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, All Hallow's Eve, Dia de Finadosand. The holiday goes by many names, but it is at it's core a celebration of the lives of our ancestors around the world.

The skull is a universal symbol that transcends cultural borders. A symbol of death in one society, a celebration of life in another. The skull possesses instant familiarity as it is a part of every one of us. It serves as a Mexican icon to celebrate the departed and a medieval religious totem, an essential rock'n'roll logo and an outlaw biker's patch, a horror movie staple and a pirate's flag, a universal sign of warning.

Its edginess is inherent, but so is its cool, an image now found on everything from wristwatch dials to scarves to rings on both hands of one of the world's greatest guitarists - the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards. Now the skull graces a series of pens in Montegrappa's Fortuna Series, an apt choice as the skull meant good fortune in ancient civilizations, while the intellectual act of writing is served by the mystery of crystal skulls, which represent wisdom, knowledge and consciousness.
Montegrappa Limited Edition Dia de los Muertos

One of the most exciting and unusual festivals to be held anywhere in the world is Mexico's famed Day of the Dead. Called "Dia de los Muertos" in Spanish, the holiday is celebrated throughout Mexico, and by people of Mexican ancestry living abroad, especially the United States. Acknowledged internationally in many other cultures, this multi-day holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and to remember those who have died with a celebration of their lives.

Starting with the shape of the modern classic pen, Fortuna, Montegrappa’s designers started with a black resin cap and barrel, adding to the cap deep-cut engravings filled in with pearlized enamels. The main image is a skull – the famous motif of the entire celebration – offered in a choice of colors that constitute the whole collection: Pearl White, Blue and Red! Moreover, each pen is unique: the enamel is entirely applied by hand. Each color is applied separately and has to dry completely before a next color can be added.

Rollerball - List Price: $895 Your Special Price: $716
Ballpoint - List Price: $695 Your Special Price: $556

Montegrappa Copper Skull, a Bittner Exclusive

For a truly memorable and personal gift, Bittner, the Pleasure of Writing, suggests you put a piece of history in your pocket. The Carmel-By-The-Sea, California pen shop’s exclusive Montegrappa the Copper Age Merry Skull writing instruments collection features a torpedo shape that is classic Montegrappa—curvaceous yet sleek and contemporary.

The Montegrappa Copper Age Merry Skull collection displays its familial links with a cap top bearing the Montegrappa’s “1912” logo (the Italian company’s founding year), while the nib is embellished with Montegrappa’s trademark Filigree pattern. The cap and barrel are crafted in mirror-polished copper and brushed, silver-plated trim. Copper is referred to as “man’s eternal metal,” and over time each Montegrappa Mule will acquire a unique patina, truly personalizing the writing instrument. The Montegrappa Copper Age Merry Skull is available as a cartridge/converter-filling fountain pen, with nib sizes in fine, medium and broad, as well as a rollerball and ballpoint version. You can decide to keep the pen sparkling reddish-orange or let it develop its own personal patina to reflect its history in your pocket.

Fountain Pen - List Price: $495 Your Special Price: $396
Rollerball - List Price: $450 Your Special Price: $360
Ballpoint - List Price: $395 Your Special Price: $316
Love Pop 3D Lasercut Dia de los Muertos Card

The front of this stunning Day of the Dead pop up card features an exquisite Mexican candy skull covered with intricate floral details. Open the black and orange cover and prepare to be delighted by a skeletal mariachi band.

This card is brimming with authentic Mexican touches from the Papel Picado inspired detail to the gorgeous bright colors.

3D Card - $13


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Montegrappa Samurai Fountain Pen - Limited Edition - Warriors Series 0

Montegrappa is known as one of the world’s premier luxury pen makers. They have left no stone unturned with their new luxury pen collection known as the Warriors Series. This unique pen box set includes not only one of most stunning and beautiful writing instruments it also has a unique part action figure and part objet d’art. Its inspiration comes from the Japanese famed Warriors, where it comes in a historically accurate suit of armor, done in painstaking detail using a lost wax technique more seen in the Jewelry industry. The armored suit is remarkably done in detail with the “kuwagata” helmet, “kote” sleeve armor and layered, embroidered “kusazuri” skirt.

This ultra-cool luxury fountain pen took three years to complete and the Samurai Warriors Series is a limited-edition only pen totaling 177 in sterling silver and only 7 in solid gold. This beautiful pen is fitted with an elegant 18k gold nib in a luxurious box with piano black lacquer with red velvet interior with the ancient Samurai character printed on the top. It also comes with a customized bottle of ink, carrying bag and a katana sword to use as a fully functional paper cutter.

The Samurai is the first model in the limited Warriors collection and Montegrappa has shown a beautiful way to celebrate the most noble warriors throughout history with the most awesome pen set.

Stop into or our brick and mortar store location and see not only some of the lowest prices, but also feel free to call or contact the owner Detlef Bittner. He is not only one of the most, nicest people he is also one of the world’s leading experts in luxury pens. Bittner fine pens has been online since 1995 and has a store location in beautiful Carmel, California, or aka Carmel By The Sea.

Montegrappa Samurai Fountain Pen - Limited Edition - Warriors Series


Fountain Pen

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