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Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year Rollerball Pen - 2020 Black Edition

Product Description
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Every year, Graf von Faber-Castell produces a limited edition writing instrument collection that honors an important development in history. The 2020 Pen of the Year is inspired by the Greek heroes of Sparta, and their famous king, Leonidas.

For centuries, Sparta was the strongest military power in ancient Greece, thanks to the tough and physically demanding training Spartan men were put through. Spartan society was molded by the military.

Spartan warriors were heavily armed with a breastplate, helmet, shield, and greaves, expensive armor adapted to their body shape. The durability, hold, and aesthetics of the 2020 Pen of the Year embody the characteristics of that armor.

The PVD-coated metal barrel of the "Black Edition" is set with 42 uncut diamonds in seven lines totalling 2.1 carats. The milled decorative details are reminiscent of the ancient patterns found on Spartan protective battle dress. The grip bears anatomical shaping similar to that found on a warrior's breastplate.

The spring-loaded clip is based on the Greek ridge helmet, an essential element of defence made from a single piece of bronze.

The Spartans' large, round shields inspired the lacquered inlay on the end cap. As shorthand for Lacedaemonia—the historical name of the Spartan state—lamda, the eleventh letter of the Greek alphabet, was emblazoned on Spartans' shields.

Limited to 270 numbered pieces, the 2020 Pen of the Year Black Edition arrives in a highly polished black wooden case with a certificate of authenticity signed by Count Charles of Faber-Castell.

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