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Montblanc Meisterstück Great Masters Pirelli Fountain Pen

Product Description
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The Meisterstück Great Masters Pirelli Limited Edition 1872 merges the art of writing with the art of making tyres. The collection celebrates the know-how of the Pirelli craftsmen, “sgorbiatori”, who meticulously hand-carve tyre patterns; taking days to create just a single prototype. These Pirelli Masters – both technicians and engineers – provide a key contribution to the research & development aimed at making the experience of driving with Pirelli tyres a memorable one.


Nib Material: 18k gold

Filling Mechanism: Piston

Sku: MB125974
Collection  Great Masters
Type Fountain Pen
Body Material Rubber on brass
Width 17.2 mm
Length 148 mm
Weight 69.13 g
Limited Edition Yes