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Platinum Izumo Bamboo Weaving Fountain Pen - #1 Ankokushoku

Product Description
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The Izumo Bamboo pens feature finely woven bamboo on the barrel and cap. Japan has a long history of bamboo crafts, which have been passed down through the generations from craftsperson to craftsperson.

This Ankokushoku model is dyed after weaving to give it a stunning, almost completely black hue, "ankokushoku" being roughly translated as "darkness color."  Finally, to seal in the color and add to its beauty, it is coated with sabiurushi, a traditional Japanese lacquer.

The Izumo bamboo sports an 18K gold nib and arrives in an elegantly simple paulownia wood box with a bottle of ink and a pen pouch.

Nib Material: 18K Gold

Filling Mechanism: Cartridge, Converter (included)

Sku: PBA-120000G-1_F