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Caran d'Ache

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  1. Caran d'Ache Limited Edition 1010 Fountain Pen

    Caran d'Ache Limited Edition 1010 Fountain Pen


    The keeping of time is as old as human history and no country has it defined in more exacting and artistic manner Then the famous houses of Patek Philippe and Rolex in Switzerland. Caran D’ache honors the art of watchmaking with one of the most intricate writing instruments ever created,. The 1010, an ode to the art of watchmaking. Gears are hidden in the translucent barrel of the limited edition. The bottom tassie displays a ruby and flywheel, just like the entire pen is crafted to resemble various watch parts.

    The 1010 comes in a exquisite presentation box and with its own inkwell. The crafts and expertise of watchmaking and fine writing come together in this pen. Just as in designing a watch, the creative process requires patience to allow ideas to mature. It calls for fundamental skills and advanced development tools. The 1010 Limited Edition is part of the search for perfection that all craftsmen share: its elegant construction, its daring concept and its complex manufacturing make it both an artistic and a technical triumph. As time passes and the ink flows through the transparent body of the pen to its gold nib, the pleasure of writing becomes a delightful extension of thinking. It offers the supreme luxury of mastering time for a moment.

    Only 500 pieces of the 1010 Limited Edition are made and decorated with delicately engraved gear wheels. It is built and polished by hand to provide exquisite softness and comfort in writing.

    • The cap is inspired by wristwatch crowns and the clip has been designed to suggest a watch hand, attached to a pinion.
    • The balance wheel is the key element that brings a watch to life.
    • Caran d'Ache craftsmen have positioned it at the tip of the body, perfectly poised between two rubies.
    • This very delicate element can be seen through a sapphire crystal dome.
    • The interior cage represents the complex mechanism of a watch movement.
    • The design of the exterior cage is inspired by the bridges that support a watch's gear train.
    • The ring is delicately engraved to count the hours passing by.
    • The piston pump is set with a ruby as in a winding crown.
    • The 18-carat gold nib is hand made and delicately engraved with a gear wheel design.

    Available at the exclusive Bittner Collector's Club, the finest showcase for investment grade and Museum Quality Writing Instruments.

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