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  1. Krone Limited Edition Sherlock Foutain Pen

    Krone Limited Edition Sherlock Foutain Pen


    The Krone Magnum Sherlock Holmes Pen This is truly a Holy Grail pen for any Pen Collector Crafted entirely out of finely carved Sterling Silver this pen is massive in size and in weight. It is one of the most elusive and rare pens in the world of pen collecting. The pen features any hidden compartments, doors and secret passageways. A magnifying glass adorns the bottom tassie. Behind the hidden doors are minutely painted miniature paintings, created with a one hair brush in the famed Russian town of Palek and Fedoskino, known since generations for the most masterful miniature paintings in the world.

    This is a museum quality and investment grade pen that will be the centerpiece of any meaningful pen collection. Krone honors the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes with a superb writing instrument. This amazing solid sterling silver pen is intricately detailed with three-dimensional elements that hide 14 clues that will lead you to the “Ultimate Solution” Are you up to the challenge to follow in Holmes’s foot step’s?! A true mystery and treasure to behold! Embedded atop the cap is a piece of notebook paper from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s personal writing pad.

    Available at the exclusive Bittner Collectors Club, the finest showcase for investment grade and museum quality writing Instruments.

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