Splendor of Luxury

Splendor of Luxury

 Experience the Ultimate in Luxury this Holiday Season!
We invite you to visit our website and explore our
curated list of Lavish Writing Instruments.

Montegrappa Limited Edition Samurai

 Montegrappa Limited Edition Samurai
Possibly the most intricate Writing Instrument
ever crafted. The only one available in the United States,
and it's here at Bittner in Carmel! Limited Edition Number 22.

David Oscarson Royal Imperial Collection Sapphire Ruby Red

 David Oscarson Russian Imperial
Writing Jewelry of the authentic Fabergé style.
A most lavish gift.

Platinum Aurora Fountain Pen

Platinum Maki-e Aurora Borealis Fountain Pen
An impeccably artistic piece by the revered
Japanese Master Craftsman! A true treasure to behold.
24k gold and naturally rainbow colored
abalone shell are used to create this treasure.