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Lewis and Clark

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  1. David Oscarson Lewis and Clark Fountain Pens

    David Oscarson Lewis and Clark Fountain Pens




    The Lewis and Clark Limited Edition Collection stands as a tribute to the two Captain-explorers and the courage of their unparalleled journey. Lewis and Clark’s signatures are represented respectively in high relief surrounded by a background of gentle river currents underneath. Both Collection pieces feature a map of the Louisiana Purchase marking the Lewis and Clark Trail from St. Louis, Missouri all the way to Fort Clatsop, Oregon. The Meriwether Lewis cap features a telescope clip and a compass rose is engraved on the barrel. The William Clark cap holds a feathered clip and a Peace Medal (given by Lewis and Clark to many of the Indian Chiefs along the Trail) is engraved on the barrel. William Clark became the superintendent of Indian Affairs (and later Governor of the Missouri Territory) and raised Sacagawea’s son, Pompey from 1810.  Learn More
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