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Rosetta Stone

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  1. David Oscarson Rosetta Stone Fountain Pens

    David Oscarson Rosetta Stone Fountain Pens




    The Rosetta Stone Collection is unique as it is the first to incorporate moving parts; each pen barrel is divided into three rotating sections representing the three languages inscribed on the original Rosetta Stone (Hieroglyphic, Demotic and Greek). Each rotating section is then engraved with one of the three significant inscriptions from the original stone in all three languages denoting Ptolemy (at the top end), Ever-Living (in the middle section) and Beloved of Ptah (at the base) as outlined in the original decree. The Greek, as it was for Champollion is the key to aligning all three texts in their correct order as inscribed on the original stone. Each pen cap features the Winged Disk of Horus, which scholars agree originally crowned the top of the Rosetta stone. The Winged Disk is inlaid with multiple colors of opaque hard enamel and polished to a seamless finish with the precious metal background. Crowning each pen cap is the face of an original Egyptian coin portraying an image of Ptolemy V during his reign; the reverse of the coin features an eagle and is located at the base of the pen barrel. Positioned at the base of the clip is the familiar symbol of the Ankh which represents the concept of eternal life; the Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying it by its loop, or bearing one in each hand. Learn More
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