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Rosso Veneziano

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  1. Montegrappa Limited Edition Rosso Veneziano Fountain Pen

    Montegrappa Limited Edition Rosso Veneziano Fountain Pen


    In honor of the beautiful city of Venice, Italy, Montegrappa has created the beautiful Rosso Veneziano fountain pen in a beautiful red swirling celluloid with sterling silver trim. This is an extremely limited edition of only 118 pens across the globe, 118 being the total number of islands of which the city is comprised. Red stands out as the foremost color throughout this stunning city. The specific color red of the Rosso Veneziano has been used by Venetians for their carnival costumes, Murano artifacts, and the interior of their gondolas. The fountain pen has a flexible solid 18kt gold nib and is available in medium, fine, and broad widths. The cap’s band and the nib are wonderfully engraved with a traditional Venetian motif. Venice’s famous winged lion adorns the cap of the pen.

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