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Albrecht Dürer

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  1. Staedtler Limited Edition Albertus Durerus Noricus Fountain Pen

    Staedtler Limited Edition Albertus Durerus Noricus Fountain Pen


    Albrecht Dürer was an icon of his time. His keenness of observation is precisely reflected in every line of his works. It is this precision in craftsmanship and genius of technology that makes the Albertus Durerus Noricus a unique and exceptional writing instrument. The limited edition Albertus Durerus Noricus fountain pen pays tribute to the exceptional Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer. Made from the very finest materials, this unique writing instrument is genuinely exquisite and lives up to its legacy. The body of thge pen is covered in top-quality leather with a self portrait of Albrecht Dürer with a gold-plated metal bridge. The barrel end is gold plated and engraved with a limited edition number. The clip has a beautiful European black walnut wood inlay, and the fountain pen has a hand-polished 18 kt. gold nib available in a medium. Learn More
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