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Bittner Tool Pen

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  1. Smart Touch Stylus Tool Pen

    Smart Touch Stylus Tool Pen



    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price $19.95

    The Smart Touch Stylus Pen The only Tool you will ever need! The Smart Touch Stylus Tool Pen gives you 9 functions in one in a top quality Writing Instrument. Our Tool Pen is a heavy weight, quality crafted 6- sided barrel that stand up to demanding daily use. It features our easy flowing ballpoint point on one end and the extra sensitive Smart Touch Screen Stylus on the other. Under the Stylus top are two screwdrivers, a Phillips Head and a Flat head. The Stylus Top can be attached to the ball point end when the screwdriver is use. The barrel features a built in level, ruler in inches and metric and two additional scale functions. The extra strong spring clip holds your pen secure in your pocket. It is always comes in handy for more uses than you can Imagine. It is the Swiss Army knife of pens! Learn More
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