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Silver Dust

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  1. Visconti Limited Edition Silver Dust Fountain Pen

    Visconti Limited Edition Silver Dust Fountain Pen


    The Silver Dust collection takes its inspiration from cosmic dust. Cosmic dust is a type of particle created from tiny crystals released from stars. It is formed when a star, like the sun, sends out atoms. Scientists studied the particles and have discovered that cosmic dust exists all over the planet and enters Earth's atmosphere every day. Visconti has decided to celebrate this natural phenomenon with the launch of an exquisite Special Edition Pen.

    The Silver Dust is based on Visconti's iconic opera design, featuring the squared circle form, a combination of a square and a circle, to create the perfect ergonomic shape for a writing instrument. The pen has a solid black cap made from turned black Lucite. The pen's body is a true demonstrator, made from a clear resin with particles that recall silver cosmic dust.

    The pen features Visconti's flexible 23kt palladium Dreamtouch nib, available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub widths and fills with Visconti's high vacuum double reservoir power filler. The pen's lock system, a Visconti patent, is the well-known Hook Safe Lock method that allows the user to close the pen by rotating it by only 20°, thus making it almost impossible to open the cap by accident. The pen will be packaged in Visconti's new look 2018 luxury box. Delivery for the Silver Dust is set for the middle of February.

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