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Graf von Faber-Castell Pen Of The Year 2018 White Rollerball

Product Description
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The latest edition of the Pen of the Year tells a story of an epoch and people whose deeds made a strong impression on the history of mankind. This year it centres on an empire that, step by step from the 8th century BC, extended over three continents: Europe, Africa, and Asia. Even today, in the early 3rd millennium, it still exerts immeasurable influence on our world: the Imperium Romanum.

A unique aura surrounds ‘statuario’ marble from Carrara. In the world of luxury, statuario stands for elegance and prestige to meet the most demanding standards. It forms an impressive sight in the entrance hall of the Faber-Castell castle, for example. For the ‘Imperium Romanum’ Pen of the Year 2018 we have chosen a special variety of statuario. Each individual pen is produced by hand with masterly skill in the Stephan jewel studios. Inserted between the marble segments of the barrel are platinum-plated rings decorated with laurel wreaths, symbolizing fame and success, and lending the pen its inimitable elegance. A further unusual detail in this edition is the elaborately worked cap with an engraving of the famous Colosseum and a miniature Roman penny (denarius) as the crowning glory. The denarius in the cap of this edition is modelled on a very rare silver coin from the year 44 BC depicting Caesar’s head. We found the original at Ritter in Düsseldorf, a prestigious dealer and certified coin expert. The fountain pen comes with an 18-carat, bicolour gold nib that is inscribed by hand.
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