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Montegrappa Ernest Hemingway Fountain Pen LE - Silver Soldier

Product Description
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The Montegrappa Ernest Hemingway Series is a beautiful set of pens honoring the writer of it's namesake and the many facets of his life. The first is the Soldier. Worked into the sterling silver are images of his military career, including the medals earned and a Model-T ambulance. The body is a beautifully crafted green resin, to represent the color of his military uniform.

The second is the writer, the career that made Hemingway famous. With symbols of an art deco style to show the simple yet sophisticated way Hemingway wrote engraved in the silver and brown resin on the body of the pen that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Hemingway's writing this pen is a must have for any lover's of his work.

The third is only just now being released, and it is the Fisherman. Hemingway drew on real experience for his most famous novel "The Old Man and the Sea", and was a lover of the sea and especially of ocean fishing. Emblazoned with marine symbols and Hemingway's own marlin logo, the sterling silver work on this writing instrument is something to behold. The resin is a rich blue in many shades perfectly mirroring the ocean which it represents.

Every Hemingway Writing Instrument is available in a Limited Edition of 100 per mode, so they will remain as rare as the talent of the writer they honor.