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Montegrappa Lord of the Rings Limited Edition Fountain Pen - Silver

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One pen to rule them all. Montegrappa pays tribute to J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved trilogy with craftsmanship to rival the great Elven-smiths of Eregion. Aficionados of Middle- earth will find much in this limited edition to tempt them. The Lord of the Rings limited edition is a magical creation of sterling silver from lost-wax casting celebrating imagination, creativity and heroic journeys at their finest.

The barrel bears armaments and regalia belonging to the Fellowship of the Ring. Gandalf's staff, Aragorn's sword and Gimli's axe are among the notable artifacts crowned by a green cubic zirconia set in the emblem of the White Tree of Gondor. The cap bears a clip resembling Frodo's Elvish blade, Sting, and an image of Gollum and is crowned by a hand-enamelled Eye of Sauron suspended in the Tower of Barad-dûr. In place of a conventional cap band is a replica of the One Ring—made from gold plated sterling silver and inscribed with Tengwar script—provided in place of a conventional cap band, which can be left on the pen, or removed to be worn or carried.

Limited to 379 pieces—from the number of rings forged for Elves (3), Dwarves (7), and Men (9)—the Lord of the Rings sports an 18K gold nib and arrives in a deluxe lacquered wooden case with a bottle of ink and cleaning cloth.

Nib Material: 18K Gold

Filling Mechanism: Piston

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