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Visconti Daedalus Fountain Pen

Product Description
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One of Visconti's greatest areas of expertise is the filigree cut-out technique (also called skeleton) that it first launched with the Uffizi LE back in 1993. The Skeleton technique has been developed over the years since then. Pens like the Ripple or Watermark are masterpieces for all collectors of fine writing instruments. Taking Inspiration from the myth and the ancient Greek mythology Visconti already created its first masterpiece in 2012 dedicated to the legend of Aracnis. Following this path, the new creation comes to life: Daedalus. Daedalus created the Labyrinth on Crete, in which the Minotaur (part man, part bull) was kept. In the story of the labyrinth as told by the Hellenes, the Athenian hero Theseus is challenged to kill the Minotaur, finding his way with the help of Ariadne's thread. In Homer's language, daidala refers to finely crafted objects. And this is the origin of this unique Visconti creation.

The cut-out over let filigree is finely chiseled by hand and it represents the scheme of the labyrinth as well as the head of the minotaur. All the details are highlighted by nice spots of glossy enamel. The filigree wraps a very nice translucent shining sky-blue resin. The resin has been developed from the Visconti experts and it has inclusions of silver colored dust to give the effect of the stardust sky overseeing the labyrinth landscape. All the metal parts are in solid sterling silver or 18kt gold. The pen is a diameter 17 mm and it features the famous Visconti double reservoir power filler.
Sku: VIS-806ST-FPF