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We at Bittner believe in the importance of the written word. Handwriting throughout history has been one of mankind’s greatest achievements. It is a way for us to record our past, and create our future.

Handwriting stimulates the creative portion of the brain, and the more often you write the better your mind can develop.

At Bittner, we are strong believers in reintroducing penmanship into our school systems.

We believe that information is key in finding the perfect pen. A pen is an extension of the person using it, and finding one that suits you is our business. Whether for personal use, for business, or simply to collect we want you to feel like you know your pen before you own it, and feel comfortable in your purchase.

When most imagine fine writing, they picture John Hancock signing the Declaration of Independence; we are here to show you that it is more than that, fine writing is futuristic and fun. From retractable fountain pens, to pens that emulate the function of high performance cars, to high tech journals crafted from stone, fine writing has joined the 21st century.

Let us help you find the perfect pen. Our fast, reliable, and knowledgeable staff is here to help.

  • Browse our selection of accessories to enhance your writing experience.

  • View and learn about our collection of brands and their history.

  • Come in, and let us show you around.

  • Keep up to date on the latest in the pen universe.