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David Oscarson Lord Ganesha Collection 0

Close up views of Lord Ganesha pen in Mossy Black

Lord of the masses. Lord of all beings. Lord Ganesha is the first son of Lord Shiva; one who has realized Reality and discovered Godhood in himself.

In Hindu mythological literature, Ganesha is described as having a human form with an elephant’s head. One of his tusks is broken. He has a conspicuously large stomach and sits with one leg folded in. At his feet lies a variety of food with a rat looking up at him as if asking for permission to eat. This mystical form of Ganesha represents deep philosophical significance and the path to reach the supreme state of human perfection.

The depiction of Lord Ganesha is rich in symbolism. The large head and ears symbolically represent the ability to listen to eternal truths and to reflect on them independently with great introspection, resulting in supreme wisdom.

The trunk represents intellect and the ability to discern between the gross (discerning ability within the material realm) and the subtle (discerning ability within the spiritual realm). The trunk can perform gross/massive feats such as uprooting a centuries-old tree with deeply grounded roots, but can also perform very subtle actions with great finesse, such as picking up a blade of grass.

Achieving the ultimate state of human perfection requires discipline to stay unaffected by the dualities and opposites in life.  The broken and unbroken tusks symbolize these opposing forces; the likes and dislikes that man strives to overcome.

Ganesha’s large belly conveys that a Man of Perfection can consume and digest whatever experiences he undergoes; heat or cold, war or peace, birth or death. He maintains an unaffected grace in and through the fluctuations of the world, digesting all experiences – good and bad – in a calm, composed and tranquil manner.

The crossing of one leg has two meanings: the leg on the ground indicates a connection to the world while the other is ever rooted in a single-pointed concentration on the supreme Reality.

At Ganesha’s feet is spread an abundance of food, representing material wealth, power and prosperity, all of which can be achieved by following the highest principles of living, but towards which Ganesha shows an attitude of indifference.

Beside the food is a tiny rat looking up towards Ganesha, waiting for the master’s permission to partake. The rat represents desire. With his small mouth and tiny teeth, the rat is still the greediest of all animals, known for its greed and its affinity towards hoarding more than it requires. He is a reminder that the innate desires in a perfect man must be completely mastered.

Lord Ganesha has four arms, representing the mind, intellect, ego and conditioned consciousness. In one hand, he holds an axe, symbolizing the destruction of all desires. In another, he holds a rope, which is meant to pull the seeker out of his worldly entanglements. In the third hand, he holds a rice ball, or modaka, representing the joyous rewards of spiritual seeking. In the fourth hand he holds a lotus, or padama, representing the supreme goal of evolution, drawing the attention of all seekers to aspire to a supreme state of reality through proper spiritual practices.

Achieving the ultimate state of human perfection requires discipline and eagerness to listen to eternal truths and to reflect upon them independently with great introspection.

The Sanskrit text around the gripping section of the Lord Ganesha collection reads (loosely translated):

O Lord Ganesha
One with the curved trunk
One with the immense form,
One whose radiance is more brilliant than 10 million suns,
Please bless me so that my actions and my undertakings may be free from all obstacles.

In ancient India, the supreme ultimate reality (God) was known as Brahman. Seeking and becoming one with the Brahman was the ultimate goal for those pursuing the spiritual path. The word OM (or AUM) was a symbol of this supreme ultimate reality. The Om symbol is repeated three times around the cap of the Ganesha collection while a trident adorns the top of the crown.

All available colors of the Lord Ganesha collection

The Lord Ganesha Collection thirty-first in the David Oscarson™ series of Limited Edition writing instruments and will be produced in eight design variations; each limited to production of 108 pieces (including fountain pens and roller balls).

The Ganesha Collection is available in the following translucent color variations with opaque white hard enamel and gold vermeil:

Ruby Red, Saffron (Orange), Emerald Green, Azure (Light Blue), Mint Green, Mossy Black, White, Teal

Leonardo Da Vinci 500th Anniversary La Machina Limited Edition Fountain Pen and Roller Ball

Leonardo Da Vinci 500th Anniversary La Machina Limited Edition Fountain Pen and Roller Ball 0

Visconti and Bittner, the Pleasure of Writing is delighted to announce the Leonardo Da Vinci Machina pen in celebration and memory of the 500th Anniversary of the passing of one the world's most amazing artist, architect, engineer, and scientist.

The Leonardo Da Vinci Machina embodies fine hand craftsman ship and is a must for pen collectors and aficionados around the World.

Bittner in Carmel by the Sea and Visconti have worked closely together of the past three decades to bring you fine Writing Instruments. It is in the spirit of this partnership that we are excited to launch this important Writing Instrument on the West Coast of the United States.

Florence and Carme-by-the-Sea share a close connection. They are bot considered as two of the most romantic cities in the World!



  • Carlos Alcala
Take a “Journey to the Center of the Earth”

Take a “Journey to the Center of the Earth” 0

Visconti of Florence, in with collaboration with Bittner, The Pleasure of Writing in Carmel, CA, is delighted to announce its latest incarnation of the Homo Sapiens series. Designed in collaboration with Detleft Bittner, the Visconti Magma, made of volcanic lava from Mount Etna in Italy, has arrived!
Montegrappa 505th Anniversary Moon Landing Limited Edition and Open Edition

Montegrappa 505th Anniversary Moon Landing Limited Edition and Open Edition 0

With one small, symbolic step, NASA forever expanded the boundaries of boyhood dreams. Montegrappa salutes technology, design and supreme achievement in the ultimate pocket rocket.

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” For those of us who were around to witness mankind’s first contact with the moon, the marvel of the moment remains vivid. For millions of others, the achievements of the Apollo 11 mission continue to symbolise a historical highpoint of human capability and global unity. 
But among its many epic achievements, Apollo 11 taught us that we are capable of anything.
This July marks fifty years since Neil Armstrong’s famous words changed the way we see the world. In commemoration, Montegrappa announces the release of the Moon Landing LE – a writing instrument that defies convention, with the form and function that boyhood dreams are made of.
Developed in close coordination with NASA, sleek aerodynamics, gleaming pearlized resin and sterling silver trims provide the Moon Landing LE’s most visible space-age references, but the newest addition to Montegrappa’s Cult Series arrives packed with on-board surprises. Like the Apollo 11 mission itself, it’s a thrilling package of ingenuity, cutting-edge design and technical perfection.  
Turn the rocket-thruster blindcap clockwise to simulate the Saturn V’s second and third stage separation. Reverse direction to view the fountain pen’s piston-fill mechanism through a special 360º viewing window. Presented in a special lunar landing site diorama, the ultimate tribute to the 20thcentury’s crowning technological achievement can be yours to hold and behold.
Measuring 363 feet (110m), Apollo’s Saturn V rocket was powered by engines delivering 160 million horsepower. The Moon Landing LE is realised with exacting precision in strictly limited quantities. 363 fountain pens in fine, medium and broad grades join 110 rollerballs realised in hand-enamelled resin and sterling silver. A stratospheric variant in titanium and 18k gold is available in fountain pen and rollerball modes. In any configuration Moon Landing LE is certain to ignite attention.
Bittner "The Best Pen Store in World" and Montegrappa has had an intimate working relationship for almost 30 years. Montegrappa is please to release this historic edition have Bittner, The Pleasure of Writing in Carmel, California and online
The Eagle has landed!
Inspired by Saturn V to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing. Design approved by NASA.