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Montblanc Augmented Paper x Montblanc UltraBlack Edition

MSRP: $915.00

As part of the Montblanc UltraBlack collection, this limited edition Augmented Paper showcases the new Montblanc pattern, which is embossed on the leather cover. The black-on-black pattern combined with the modern zipper design gives this Augmented Paper a sleek modern look, while keeping the Montblanc elegance. The Montblanc Augmented Paper takes the traditional art of handwriting into the digital world. Its sophisticated appearance follows our traditional leather goods design but adds technology to its function. The Montblanc Hub App digitalizes, syncs and organizes handwritten notes. This enables our clients to capture the benefits of both the traditional and modern way of note-taking.

This Augmenting writing set includes a digitizer housed in a handsome dust jacket with a #146 lined black notebook included.  A Montblanc StarWalker Ballpoint pen is also included with 3 "Homage to W.A. Mozart" small ballpoint pen refills

Sku: MB128802
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