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Montblanc Writers Edition Daniel Defoe Limited Edition Set Medium

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Daniel Defoe, who was born in London around 1660, began his training as a minister before deciding to become a merchant. Throughout his life he criticized the social and political evils of England and published numerous pamphlets which railed against the privileges enjoyed by the king and the church. In 1719, Defoe penned his first book, perhaps the most famous adventure story of all time, Robinson Crusoe, a literary epic that has captivated generations of readers throughout the world and that has seen Daniel Defoe described as the founder of the modern English novel.

Referencing Crusoe‘s unsuccessful attempts to escape the island on a raft, the shape of the Limited Edition Daniel Defoe is modelled on his paddle. Inspired by the color and structure of wood, the precious resin of the cap and barrel symbolizes Robinson Crusoe‘s island life reduced to the simplest of things. The signature of his inventor, Daniel Defoe, is immortalized as a fine engraving on the cap. Delicate designs of typical 18th century ornaments, that decorated book covers at the time, adorn the cap ring and cone. The elaborately decorated clip in the shape of a feather is reminiscent of Crusoe’s plumed friend and the filigree engravings on the rings recall the stitching of Robinson’s clothing which he had to make himself after being shipwrecked.  

The Writers Edition Daniel Defoe is only available in a strictly limited edition worldwide – this is guaranteed by Montblanc, as it is for all of its Limited Editions. The issue number engraved on the cap is proof of the uniqueness of every piece. The set with fountain pen, ballpoint pen/ rollerball and mechanical pencil is limited to 10,000 pieces.

Nib Material: 18K Gold

Filling Mechanism: Piston

Specifications for Fountain Pen
Collection  Daniel Defoe 
Type Fountain Pen
Body Material Resin
Capping Screw
Diameter 0.7 inches/ 17.0 mm 
Length 5.4 inches/ 137.2 mm
Weight  1.26 oz/ 36 grams
Limited Edition Yes

Sku: MB110511
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Montblanc Writers Edition Daniel Defoe Limited Edition Set Medium -

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